Are you a dealer looking to improve your profit margin on warranty repairs? Fixed Performance and Margin Plus are proud to have developed a new tool to allow dealerships to see immediately how much more profit they can earn from their fixed operations. Our proprietary technology, which we developed from the ground up based on our conversations with dealers around the country, was created to give options to dealers that are simple and straightforward so that they can receive retail prices on warranty repairs.

When we talk to dealers, we often are asked what the real profit difference would be between what they’re doing now and what they’ll get when they bring Margin Plus on board. We figured that the best way to answer that question was to let dealers see for themselves. That’s why we’ve developed a calculator that allows dealerships to have an instant estimate on that gross profit improvement, along with an estimate about ROI. Without talking to anyone from the Margin Plus team, dealers can input their information into our proprietary calculator, which offers flexibility and information to clients and potential clients.


How do you use it? Just visit the website at www.marginplus.net and input your dealership’s unique data. Don’t be concerned if the results returned by the calculator fall short of your expectations. One of our highly experienced fixed operations team members will be available to coach you to reach the result that you need, to maximize your submission to the manufacturer. Try out our new calculator to see how Fixed Performance and Margin Plus can help your dealership maximize the profit you earn on warranty repairs. We also welcome you to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your fixed operations needs.


Fixed Performance and Margin Plus are committed to advising dealerships on how to maximize their fixed operations profitability. At Fixed Performance, we work hands-on with Advisors, Technicians, Service Managers, and Parts Managers to ensure quality customer care, effective goal setting, and management advising that will help you keep you improve your fixed operations. At Margin Plus, we use state-of-the-art technology to improve the profit margins of dealerships submitting warranty repairs to manufacturers. Our proprietary technology works directly with dealership DMS ato maximize potential profit and ROI. Fixed Performance and Margin Plus lead the industry and continue to invest in innovative tools to help dealerships succeed.