War Plans

Let’s face the facts, today’s car dealers and everyone in our industry is at war. I recommend your dealership register for disaster relief at www.sba.gov. The forms are very detailed however, we must realize this is a disaster we are in. Our government will soon make a huge amount of money available for small businesses. Get in line now! Take action on technician web training and allow them to keep hours flowing. We at fixed performance want to help as well with our Margin Plus program. Dealers must get all the margins possible on warranty repairs. If you haven’t done it yet or it has been a few years take action now. I will be taking calls to consider each dealer’s situation and personally structure a submission plan for them. I believe with every fiber of my being this is a crisis that will last a few months. Now is the time to get ready for the future and maximize every area possible. The last thing we wanted was a battle. This is a defining moment for us all. Winning is for those taking action. Together we will overcome. Keep the faith, my friends.


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