Wasting Time

The most precious thing that we all have is our time. It fascinates me that we all have equal amounts yet use it so differently. Take smoking as an example. We all understand it’s not healthy however imagine the amount of wasted time is taken for smoke breaks. Scanning social media or playing games are additional time wasters that distract us from our goals in life. 

Recently we had a dealership client state they were going to do their warranty submission on their own about six months ago. They believed they would save our submission fee and still receive retail pricing on warranty repairs that would maximize their percentages and improve gross profit. The interesting thing about this is that we asked them how it was going six months later. They honestly admitted they’ve made no progress and haven’t had time to evaluate what they needed to do to get it done. The dealer then paid our fee and will likely have their new rates effective very soon as the submissions were made a few weeks ago. In this example, it’s easy to understand the dealer lost as much as $100,000 and wasted a lot of time trying to do a submission themselves. We could use many examples of how wasting time equals wasting dollars however the point of our few examples should be enough. The fact is I would be wasting time if I wrote a 15-page newsletter that very few would read. 

What are you wasting time on? How many dollars is it costing your dealership? Take a real hard look at what you are wasting time on and how you can turn that into a future with more revenue.


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