What are your estimators leaving on the table?

As a dealer principal or fixed operations director, do you know what is required of your collision center estimators to perform their job to 2018’s standards? The Estimator position has become the most important position “in the shop” and it has evolved more than any other position over the last five years. Have you had your staff trained or retrained by an outside mentor or outside source? 

Perhaps one of the largest improvement and training exercises that can be accomplished is estimating “in the shop”. This physically means taking the estimating software to the car to write the estimate or supplement right at the car. There is no other 100% effective way to operate today. If your estimators are still walking back into an office to write they are not performing at their highest level.

Additionally, OEM procedures now dictate how a repair is to be done. If your estimators are not looking up these procedures for every single repair as part of the estimating process, they are leaving opportunities on the table. They are not writing an estimate that is proper to fix the car. They are leaving money that you could be collecting behind. And the big “L” word, they are creating huge liability issues for your dealership. In fact, your “Estimators” ultimately need to shift mentality from writing estimates to writing repair plans and creating final bills with all of the correct information attached to the file.

There is a solution to these challenges. Fixed Performance can come onsite and perform a series of estimator training seminars. Currently, there are 3 seminars that are each approx 5 hours in length that are part of the offering. These seminars are 2.5 hrs before lunch and 2.5 hrs after to allow your staff to use the first and last 90 min of their workday to carry out essential functions. Ideally, these seminars would be scheduled approx 3-4 weeks apart and would be for 2 to 6 estimators or employees. 

Monday through Friday pricing is available, Saturday and Sunday pricing is also available. We are currently scheduling these opportunities for May June and July of 2018 during the lighter workload months of summer. Get your estimator staff ready for the 2018-19 crash season. Call Fixed Performance body shop specialist Aaron Sworden today to schedule your shop’s seminars.

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