What Now?

The moment you notice something may be going wrong the very first thought that comes into your mind might be “what now.” Many people I know have the expectation that their life is just going to be full of problems no matter what they do. In a way, with this mentality, it justifies their life being miserable. The truth is this attitude is never going to be productive or have a long-term benefit. Fixed operations in the dealership world is very fast paced and in my view has no place for what now. The very best run dealerships have such well-defined processes there is no need to ask a question. The staff understands what is required and responds according to the best practice process that they trained for and live by. When coaching new processes to a fixed operations staff it amazes me, the most common response is that they can’t comply with this new process because they don’t have time. The reason they don’t have time to do so is that the vast majority of their day is spent going from one fire to the next attempting to put it out. Success in this instance is merely surviving the day and irritating as few people as possible that do business with their dealership. Real results are developed utilizing foundational processes that improve efficiency so much profitability is never in question. When you accept this great truth and understand how important processes are you have begun building a foundation without limits. Develop a mindset that stops making excuses for your results and stops asking what now instead of focusing on what next. What actions will you take that will lead your staff into the future without compromise? Poor results lead to low self-esteem, customer satisfaction, and financial performance. There is no chain holding you where you are at except in your mind. Move into 2018 accepting you will never change the past however you do control future direction. Now what?

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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