What’s your worth?

Today I spent some time reflecting after the tragedy in Vegas where hundreds were injured and many lost their life. They went to a concert to have a good time and their lives changed instantly affecting not only them but their families and friends. I live my life in a manner that isn’t focused on money or what’s in it for me as much as enjoying the journey. I’ve said countless times the challenge we all face is to enjoy the journey. Over the years my wife Christy and I have accumulated some valuable assets. We have more importantly had some incredible time together that allowed us the privilege of helping people along the way through our companies and personal life. The value of any asset we own is only what someone is willing to pay for it on any given day. Today I want to challenge the belief that net worth is only accumulated asset value minus debt obligations. Your real net worth is what you do to lift others up. It is the folks that lined up in Vegas to donate blood that was needed. It is the people who assisted the injured in a crowd that was getting shot at without concern for self. It is the first responders that arrived at the scene without knowing if the danger was still present and ran in to save as many as possible. I’ve heard many stories of American heroes who responded by taking direct action or donating money to the families of this tragedy. Today I am encouraged to see the true spirit of Americans and how we respond to tragedy. My view is this should be how we measure our worth. It’s literally what you do to that lifts up and encourages those around you regardless of self. It’s what we do that makes a difference to others that measure our worth. I hope you are priceless.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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