When Things Go Wrong


When Things Go Wrong
One of the very few things I can guarantee we all have in common, is that there will be times in our life things will go wrong. When things go wrong in your life, the first reaction might be to determine who we can place the blame on. Zig Ziglar had a wonderful saying that when you’re pointing the finger at somebody else you have three times that many pointing right back at you. Generally it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. So much time and energy is wasted on trying to determine that. The most important question is how are we going to respond when things go wrong?
How Can This Be Prevented?

The most productive way to deal with things that go wrong is to challenge you on what can be done to prevent it from happening again. Ask yourself what process or procedure could you develop to ensure better results in the future. Involve your team and ask questions, what you could do to improve this result.

Stay in Control

The worst response you can have when things go wrong, is to lose your cool and lash out at everyone around you. It destroys the quality of life not only of yourself, but the entire population that has the misfortune of being in your presence. There is not one positive thing that comes out of responding in this manner. If you need to, take a walk before you address the issue.  Do that before you say anything that can’t be taken back. Think it through before you attack.
What Lesson Can Be Learned?

I am on a mission to constantly learn something new every day. With an open mind we must look at every challenge that comes into our life as an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. Taking this approach over time will create wisdom in every challenge or conflict. When you truly mastered this as a lifestyle, you’ll automatically respond to anything that goes wrong with a positive approach.
Don’t Forget What is Going Well
When things go wrong in our life many times the entire focus is placed on those issues with no attention being given to what is going well for us. Understand there is a balance with both good and bad. The best place to spend the majority of time is in the positive.
Rob Gehring, President
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