Why is this happening to me?

Several years ago, I wrote a newsletter titled “defining moments” when I talked about how our response to certain events in our life, define who we are as individuals. This was written back in 2009 when car dealers didn’t know if they were even going to be a dealership. Could they order cars and sell to the few customers wanting them. This is a time when the automotive industry was collapsing and I questioned the wisdom of continuing consulting car dealerships to improve their fixed operations.

Many in the industry didn’t survive.  I chose to continue on even in the face of the extreme urgency that surrounded everyone in the automotive business. As if the financial burden of that time wasn’t enough I also faced health issues where I lost the use of my right hand for almost a year recovering from a four-bone fusion surgery that had complications. In fact, I could not even touch my thumb with any finger because the use of my right-hand was so poor. And for those of you wondering yes, I am right-handed. Those closest to me knew of my struggle yet never heard me complain. Abilities Hand Rehab in Sandusky Ohio brought me back to the usable function of my right hand and I will always be grateful to Rita Dechant Dodd and her staff there. I admit many times during that year I felt sorry for myself and questioned why me.

A turning point for me was when Bernie May from State Farm told me I must attend an event to hear a speaker that was going to present named Jessica Cox. I was stunned when Jessica walked into the room and had no arms. She grabbed a magic marker at chest level with her foot and started writing on a whiteboard. The attitude she portrayed was so inspirational it instantly reduced my focus on the pain. How could I be so challenged with individual pain in my wrist when really it was a blessing to even have arms?

​Jessica was born without arms yet never allowed that to be a handicap in her life. She achieved her driver’s license, and even earned her private pilot’s license! I know many of you are facing incredible challenges in your life right now. This may be one of your defining moments. Just remember you can never control the challenges that come into your life only your response to them. May everyone around you see the determined effort with you standing strong and the personal integrity to do your best without compromise. You never know who might be inspired.  

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