Will You Do Your Best?

If I asked you a simple question such as are you willing to be your best, how would you respond? Before you answer that question consider a few things. Doing your best often requires addressing things that aren’t comfortable. It might be a long-term employee that hasn’t had a positive thought in the last 15 years. They talk badly about coworkers and treat customers poorly. They call off sick often without consideration or concern for others. They don’t follow processes considering their own wisdom is far greater than any requirements management might attempt to impose on them. Yet management doesn’t address the issue because they don’t want to disrupt the employee. They’ve been here for 20 years so we don’t want to upset them. The truth is it isn’t comfortable to address issues. Yesterday our company announced a new program that improves warranty parts and labor profits using existing state laws that require manufacturers to pay retail. I am amazed traveling around the country how often clients say they haven’t submitted for the improvement because they don’t want to irritate the manufacturer. They don’t want the manufacturer to retaliate in some fashion. Here again, the truth is it’s easier not to address the issue losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue for the dealership. Recently I’ve written several articles that suggest the dealership to add to support staff in parts and service to improve technician efficiencies. Writing articles such as this placed me open to ridicule and disagreement however, I wrote them because ultimately the current dealership business model needs improvement. The easy thing is to write articles for publication that won’t challenge or possibly offend anybody. Would that be my best? I admit that often I have fallen short of a goal or had a setback. My response is never easy, however will always include addressing my issues and going to battle again. I may get knocked down occasionally, however will never stay there. No one’s ever comfortable with issues, however those that desire to do their best will always address them head-on without hesitation.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting