Consulting/Coaching/Training products and programs:

1) Fixed Operations Consulting/Coaching “Onsite” Comprehensive Financial and Operational Analysis with an intense focus on identifying and leveraging areas of greatest revenue opportunity and implementation of proven best practices. Time is spent one-on-one with management as well as with front lines employees for service advisor training, etc.

2) Consulting/Coaching (REV) program “Remote/Virtual” – Highly effective Zoom type virtual consulting, coaching, and distance learning with managers and advisors. This is a great follow-up to our Onsite program or even works well as a stand-alone solution.

Warranty Reimbursement products and programs:

1) “Test Drive” program –This is a deep dive into your financials to determine the potential revenue opportunity that can result from a warranty labor and or parts submission to the OEM. Results are typically within 3 business days of receipt of data and are then reviewed with dealer management to determine the best course of action.

2) “Submission Pro” – This program is focused specifically on working remotely with dealer management to optimize metrics having the greatest impact on a favorable warranty reimbursement submission and approval.

3) “Margin Plus” – this program includes A-Z submission to the OEM for warranty labor and/or parts margin increase for one flat fee. Approval history is 99% of what we submit for and typically happens within 30-45 days of filing. Average 8X ROI.


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