Companies We Recommend

For any questions about warranty claims processing, ​warranty administration, or warranty compliance, we recommend:
TBF Enterprises, Inc. & Jupiter Warranty Management:
Tyler Nathan, Sales-Marketing Manager 
Contact info: LinkedIn (815) 703-9076

For control of your customer invoicing and warranty claims documentation, we recommend:
Pencil Wrench:
Joe McCue, Founder – Partner Office: 855-733-9807

For an efficient-effective, paperless dealer archiving system, we recommend:
Merchon Hargrave, Sales Manager / (585) 451-3322

When hiring qualified staff members for your dealership, we recommend:
Automax Recruiting & Training:
Craig Lockerd, CEO (877) 202-0037

Act Auto Staffing:
Joe Henry, Owner (727) 733-5600

Need a way to track your customers & service advisors discounting. Also, customer scheduling, factory service menus, or maybe you want to be in the AAA Auto Approved Repair Facility Inspection Program, we suggest using:
Auto Pro Solution:
Jerry Hudson (503) 705-9188

For AI that specializes in marketing and scheduling for your dealership’s service department, we recommend:
AutoService AI Inc.:
Ben Ayed

For help placing overstock of new vehicles, we recommend:  or
Steve Zap, Owner (888) 225-3144

For F & I products and services, we recommend:
Superior Solutions:
Parker Yochim, Owner (814) 450-8115

For all of your professional SEO, SEM, and Social Media needs, we recommend:
Savvy Dealer:
Adam Gillrie, Strategist 813-501-3229

When using direct mail for lost customers, we recommend:
Service Chex:
Bob Yancey, Owner/CEO (734) 751-2450

For open safety campaign mailers with telephone follow-up, we recommend:
Integrated Dealer Services
Vince Rubino, President (800) 486-0685

For controlling aged parts inventory, we recommend:
Revolution Parts:
Daniel B Mule VP of Sales (312) 520-2784

Surplus Parts Service:
Thomas Zubizarreta, 832-277-2430

Dealer Mine:  
(888) 289-7278

Young Automotive Distributors:
(888) 763-2021

For all of your OSHA compliance needs, we recommend:
EDMC Safety & Health, LLC.
Chris Zanetti, President (412) 922-6844

For educational providers’ serving your dealership needs (Growing Technicians) we recommend: