Client Testimonials



I have been working with Doug Thompson and Fixed Performance for almost 3 years with very positive results for the departments. I was talking to Doug about being time to renegotiating the paint contract. He recommended I speak to Rob Gehring President of Fixed performance and allow him to negotiate or at least coach me through the negotiation. Best ever decision! Rob was involved in phone conferences with each of the vendors and was responsible for us to achieve maximum discounts with also a maximum equipment allowance. I would not have imagined getting the results he achieved and that the bottom line could be so generous. He is very experienced and knowledgeable about the margins and he prevented me from leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table. If you are coming up on a new paint contract I would highly recommend that you use Rob Gehring at Fixed Performance in the negotiation process.

– Gary Baber / Vice President of Fixed Operations at First Team Auto Mall VA

In October 2014, I asked some fellow Ford Dealers for recommendations for a Parts & Service consulting services. I found Fixed Performance as a result. In the months since then, Nick Ransom and Fixed Performance has helped Hawkeye Ford on so many levels. Our sales and profit numbers are all trending up. Nick has worked with my Parts Manager on obsolescence and ordering policies. Nick has also helped my office manager improve some of our accounting procedures. We have a number of short and long range goals we are working on. My people look forward to Nick’s monthly visits. Fixed Performance looks at our numbers on a daily basis and their rep comes in each month. This is a serious company that will improve your fixed operations.


I have over 35 years of automotive experience, 30 years of it in management. The Fixed Operations Departments in dealerships have evolved and changed tremendously over the last few years. Dealership Service Departments need to be quick, convenient, competitive, experienced and yes-profitable. They have to meet the increasing demands of customers, manufacturers and employees and sometimes it is easy to stray off course. That’s when the decision was made to hire Fixed Performance. I have been extremely satisfied with the integrity and work ethic of Doug Thompson. His extensive ADP knowledge and logical methodical process implementation has been very successful. I also appreciate Doug’s sincere desire to help the management team be successful and profitable. I would highly encourage any Dealer or Fixed Management personnel to step back and examine their departments and if processes and profits are lacking consider Doug and Fixed Performance. Whether in need of a tune up or an overhaul you will not be disappointed.


I remember about 3 years back when I needed assistance with improving my parts and service department performance and profitability after having done business with a dealership training company that was only into dealership consulting for their economic benefit. They taught up-selling and use of pressure tactics and succeeded in running off numerous customers. I had employee turnover because of this and I will tell you that I was somewhat gun shy about hiring another training and consulting firm, but now I can truly say that I know the right person and the right company for the job!
Bruce Molnar came in and turned out parts and service departments into a better all-around functioning fixed operation. The profits and customer satisfaction have increased as well as our Ford dealership’s reputation and increased customer care and service with all of our patrons.

Just this month, he shared with me that our profitability is well ahead of the prior years in parts and service gross profits. Repair orders continue to increase and our customer retention continues to improve. We are currently expanding and renovating our dealership to accommodate our future growth.

I can’t speak highly enough of his talents as a fixed operations trainer and Coach. Furthermore, Bruce is intelligent, competent, responsive and easy to work with.

Also, his rates as a consultant are more in line with what Fixed Performance told me I could afford to pay as opposed to the other consulting firms that charge on a percentage of the gross profit increase. Please don’t hesitate to contact Bruce Molnar at Fixed Performance, Inc. about your dealership’s Service Advisor and Parts Associate training, and fixed operation development needs.


In our business, we are constantly bombarded with quick fix consultants, you know…that person who spent limited time in a position at a dealership and either wasn’t willing to put in the time necessary to succeed or didn’t fully grasp the job. Next stop…take their limited knowledge on the road as an “expert”. Doug Thompson is the exception. Doug cut his teeth on the shop floor and attained the level of GM Master Technician and held that status for many years. When the opportunity occurred, he moved to the position of Service Advisor where he again excelled. His subsequent moves to Service Manager, Fixed Operations Manager and ultimately General Manager again meant success for the dealership. Doug never worked in a position that he didn’t prepare for. With each move he trained his successor and made sure that the results would be at least as good as he produced, if not better. If you are looking for a hands-on consultant that “has been there and done that” and truly understands all fixed operation’s positions, Doug Thompson at Fixed Performance is one who will give you a great return on your investment.


As a young Ford Dealer, I started working in my family’s dealership in early 2010. My goal was to learn about and help improve our service and parts departments. I quickly realized that our service and parts operations were very “old school” and that I needed a fixed ops industry expert to help me evolve our fixed operations into the 21st century. After extensive research on automotive consulting companies, I found Fixed Performance and Rob Gehring. After our first meeting, I quickly realized that I had found the person I was looking for. Rob helped our service and parts departments assess our current situation in his first few visits and then he helped us set a plan for these departments. During his monthly visits, he motivated, trained, coached and mentored our service and parts team on how to move our fixed operations to the next level. We examined every metric that existed in these departments, instituted processes, goals and accountability and made consistent progress month after month. I am excited to report that during the last 3 years of working with Rob that our fixed operations departments has grown to be one of the top 5 fixed operations Ford Dealers in the Philadelphia region. We have had tremendous growth in customer traffic, effective labor rate, hours per repair order, customer satisfaction and also have significantly increased the profitability of our entire fixed operations. I am honored to say Rob is truly one of the greatest mentors I have ever met in the automotive industry and I consider him part of my extended family. There is not a more friendly, dedicated and passionate fixed ops professional in this country then Mr. Rob Gehring!


Doug has been working with us for only two months and we already seen a significant positive change of profit and also in the way we are doing business in our parts and service departments, I would recommend Doug!


We tried Fixed Performance at our Buckeye Superstore in Shelby, Ohio. The team was so successful, they now consult at all five of our stores. Fixed Performance offers a great return on investment, and I would recommend their service to anyone!