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Fixed Performance Inc. was founded in 2002 by our President Rob Gehring with the vision to help as many dealerships as possible improve their fixed operations. In the beginning, Rob contacted dealerships who had attempted to hire him as a member of their management team. On this contact, Rob explained he could not work for them. However, he would be happy to coach their existing team, by providing them with proven, result-driven processes, developed over the 25 years of his management experience. With Rob’s help and encouragement, his clients enjoyed tremendous improvements. Establishing mutually beneficial relationships, one dealer at a time, the next step was easy. Ask for the referral. “Do you have any friends or family members that could use this service?” The company was built entirely on referrals. Existing clients were happy to refer our services to their friends and associates. Fixed Performance grew, without having an advertising budget and today referrals remain the #1 reason for the continued success of Fixed Performance.

The Fixed Performance consulting team has grown over the years, boasting over 125 years of combined automotive retail experience. Our mission has not changed from the very beginning of the company. Simply stated, “We want to help as many dealerships as possible, improving their fixed operations by developing their existing staff and implementing processes that work.” Coach, Check, Challenge and Cheer. Our techniques enable the existing dealership staff to provide an incredible customer experience.

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