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Onsite Consulting and Coaching Program includes:

1) The Ownership and Executive Level Management Team – Will receive a Comprehensive financial analysis pinpointing the most significant areas of revenue opportunity, as well as areas of expense control and reduction. This is followed by the sharing of proven best practices that are customized to the individual needs of the store, focused on leveraging the most significant areas of revenue opportunity.
2) The Fixed Operations Management Team – We will review with Service and Parts Management a summarized version of our in-depth financial analysis, and combine that with a Full Operational Analysis that will result in assisting with the execution of real-world best practices.
3) Service Advisors – will be coached on the proper way to care for customers and achieve improvement in all critical areas of day-to-day operations.
4) Technicians – Are met within groups as well as individually (sometimes without their managers) in order for us to gain an understanding of how we can best help them and then determine the best course of action given the specific environment for that individual store.
5) Realistic goals – are set and committed to individually by Management and your Fixed Operations team.
6) Executive performance reports– are provided on a regular basis to track critical KPI’s and progress, upon exit we will field questions and review concerns in a non-threatening way with your entire team.
7) Follow-up is available onsite and also, available online.

Online Fixed Operations Consulting and Training:
Highly customizable consulting and training to meet your specific needs and budget.

Manufacturer Warranty Reimbursement Program (Margin Plus):
We’ve combined our 15 years of experience in fixed operations consulting with state-of-the-art technology to provide dealerships the ability to improve warranty margins. Many states have passed laws that require manufacturers to pay retail pricing on warranty repairs. We will assist our dealership clients by first analyzing the opportunity for growth without any commitment or cost. After this analysis, we will provide factual information that will include estimates and the processes needed that will outline the best path forward for your individual dealership or group. We understand many dealers have been intimidated and haven’t taken advantage of these laws sacrificing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for their company. Now is the time to get the details from the very best combination of technology and fixed operation experience. We are now DealerTrack certified under their Opentrack API and, also we are on CDK’s E-Store under their partner program as a participating vendor. This helps up receive your repair orders without ever stepping into your dealership. Call us today at 888-205-8718 to discuss this opportunity further.

Test Drive Margin Plus:
Test drive Margin Plus, our manufacturer warranty reimbursement program, for just $595, and find out what your manufacturer owes you today!

Body Shop Training and Consulting Service:
Fixed Performance is pleased to announce that we now offer body shop training and consulting services for new car dealerships. Give your body shop team the coaching and training it needs to succeed in today’s changing environment. Have your team learn how to properly use estimate software, scheduling, production techniques, paint, and material controls, and improve profitability. This valuable on-site coaching is a natural extension of Fixed Performance offerings. We will lift up and encourage your team with best practice processes that will improve everybody’s quality of life and income. Contact us for more information on this exciting new Fixed Performance program.

Renegotiate Your Paint Contract:
Dealerships with body shops all have paint contracts they have to deal with. Most are good for around five years and tie the dealership up with a single vendor for the entire time. Who knows if you are getting a good deal? Is your vendor holding back discounts you don’t even know exist? Fixed Performance is now reviewing dealership paint contracts at no cost! If we feel you can do better hire us to negotiate with your paint vendor and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This month two clients will receive checks of $200,000 from their paint vendor! The evaluation will be free, and if you hire Fixed Performance the fee will be $3,000 to negotiate on your behalf. You have nothing to lose and likely a whole bunch to gain!

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