Body Shop Consulting

Contract Negotiations

  1. Paint Contracts – Many existing contracts can be re-negotiated during their term and new contracts can be negotiated correctly at the outset when you know the real pricing.

Body Shop Consulting

  1. Improve profitability through training your team on how to properly use:


What exactly do you do when you come onsite to our Bodyshop for consulting?

Quite a lot! To summarize though, one of our veteran Bodyshop consultants will do a deep dive into your performance history along with an operational analysis in order to identify all areas of revenue opportunity. From there, a customized plan is developed to leverage greatest opportunities. We then work hand in hand with your team to assist with successful implementation.

We really struggle with the low rates that insurance companies pay us. Is that something you can help with?

Insurance companies set rates they pay body shops however should be reviewed as to what is allowed on any direct repair agreements. This is one of the many areas we will be looking for additional revenue opportunity.

And our paint suppliers never seem to give us all the discounts and perks we are supposed to be getting. Can you help with that as well?

We have successfully negotiated paint vendor agreements across the country that maximize discounts and upfront cash if needed by dealership.  – Read More

What about production and quality… we can’t seem to find the magic formula for both…?

Our body shop consultants can assist implementing best practice processes that improve both production and quality. We also involve parts department to reduce wait times on parts.

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