An Old Foundation

Recently I started a rebuilding project at my home. An old 100-year-old garage and upstairs living area was torn down. Starting the rebuild was the foundation. The builders dug about 6 feet down and filled it with concrete. Next came concrete block and sealant to keep the water out. Next step is the actual structure. It hit me, that customer care is built the same way. It must have a strong foundation and commitment to build on. A strong core value that puts consistent effort for customer care before self. If the desire is to build customer count and retention my belief, is they must be the top priority. If your best interest isn’t placed on the customer, why will they return? You can spend thousands on advertising and built short term customer count. Best practice will always be to provide your customer a positive experience they tell their friends and family about.

Are you ready for a rebuild?  We stand ready to help.