Regardless what business you’re in the reason we make appointments is to save time. In the dealership world technician time is extremely valuable. However, if you want to grow your business and have consistent customer satisfaction and profits you had better understand the value of your customers time. If your customer shows up for an appointment at 9:30, on time, for their oil change and they wait for in excess of an hour and a half, you’re likely to lose that customer! If you don’t lose that customer your very best case is that they’re extremely unhappy.

We have to pay particular attention and value your customer’s time. It’s not all about you! If you’re making appointments properly and understand the value of your customer’s time, your shop will run efficiently. From time to time every service Department is going to run behind schedule. Make it a mandate that your advisor staff be proactive and call these customers to inform them the dealership is running behind and offer a reschedule. Although that might still irritate a customer, they will understand that you value their time by that action.

When the dealership doesn’t take any action the problem will arise. If your shop isn’t keeping track of the schedule on a real-time basis your wrong! Always keep a high value on your customer’s time and they always value yours.

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