Are you receiving retail pricing on your warranty work?

Have you taken advantage of the law that allows you to receive retail pricing on your warranty work? If you have, did you review the opportunity to increase this year (once a year you can apply for an increase).

We specialize in doing everything to assist dealers to register. We make it easy and painless. Your dealership(s) will receive on average a 40% increase in gross profit as soon as you are approved. We have signed up hundreds of dealers and saved them millions of dollars. Our team is reaching capacity, but We have a few remaining spots available.  

Call Fixed Performance now to get your dealership(s) on our list. It is first-come, first-serve. Call 1 (888) 205-8718 or (419) 433-8219 and get on our list today!

Why are we so popular with dealers? Look at the benefits we offer:

  • Average return on investment is 1800% (pretty much a no brainer)
  • On average dealers enjoy a 40% increase in gross profit.
  • The manufacturers have approved 99% of our requested submission amounts. We have never failed to get an approval for our clients.
  • Unlike our competitors, we have a one-time fee ‐ no ongoing percentages of gross or additional charges, unless you request one of other services designed to grow your fixed ops performance.
  • We can provide and help implement a parts and labor matrix at no charge.
  • If needed, we will help your team improve revenue results prior to your labor and parts submissions to maximize your gross profit.
  • We are an organization of Fixed Operations professionals which include Dealership owners, Fixed Operations Directors, an actual manufacturer warranty auditor, Service Managers, Body Shop Certification Instructors, Executives with Financial and Dealership and Insurance backgrounds ‐ we are a staff of experienced specialists to guide your growth.


    Robbie Gehring   
    VP Strategic Sales
    Fixed Performance Inc. (Fixed Operations Consulting)
    Margin Plus (Warranty Reimbursement Program)
    (Personal cell) (330) 703-5943
    CDK Certified -Approved Interface
    Dealer Track Certified Open Track Partner
    AutoSoft – Approved Interface

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