ATES The Technician Bill of Rights


In dealerships throughout the United States there is a dramatic shortage of technicians. Technicians are leaving the industry or not entering into it because of the many challenges in today’s dealership environment. Technicians face the challenge of poor equipment, warranty times, and other obstacles that reduce their ability to make a reasonable income for their families. Dealerships are more dependent on fixed operations being profitable and the importance of customer retention and satisfaction are well understood. The solution involves a commitment to standards that mutually benefit all. We all have to change not only for ourselves but for the entire industry. We must collaborate not to gain advantage over each other however to be mutually benefit everyone including the customer.


We will embrace the Technician Bill of Rights and develop it into our team foundation of customer care. We accept perfection will never be achieved however openly promise to discuss opportunities for improvement without any fear of reprisal on differences of opinion. We promise to be a part of the solution and respect every team member. Whenever a team member needs assistance we will provide support without question or judgment. We will attack every challenge together and strive always for excellence. We will listen to each other with focus, attention, and respect. We will pay attention to the process instead of correcting the errors that develop without them.

  1. Technicians will receive one dollar per flat rate our sold into a tool account they can use at their discretion to purchase tools.
  2. Technicians will receive ongoing training paid for by the dealership that will include fair compensation for travel, accommodations, meals, and revenue lost based on average technician hours sold per day.
  3. Vacations will be based on an average of technician hours sold per week rather than forty flat rate hours. New Technicians will not lose vacation time acquired on their previous job. Cash compensation will be paid annually until the equal time is reached with our dealership. The technician may choose to use days off or cash received on vacation time.
  4. An annual renewable accrual account is available that allows technicians 40 hours to be used at their discretion to repair vehicles that have required more of their time than compensated for. If the hours haven’t been used throughout the year cash will be dispersed to the technician in December. In January the account will be replenished with 40 Technician hours.
  5. Technicians will receive an annual bonus that increases every year the technician has provided service to the dealership. The bonus will be paid in December.
  6. Shop owned tools and equipment will be maintained in such a manner that technicians won’t be inconvenienced when using it.
  7. Service and support staff will be well trained and sufficient to reduce time spent by technicians pulling vehicles in and out of the shop. They will also develop estimates for customers with as little technician involvement as possible.
  8. Parts inventories will be sufficient to maximize technician fill rates and efficiencies. Processed parts will be delivered to the technician bay.
  9. Technicians will be involved in new equipment purchases for the shop providing input on their needs.
  10. Technicians will receive an additional $2 every flat rate hour for a warranty repair to help offset reduced time labor operations.

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