Be Amazing

Most productive people set goals for themselves they want to achieve. No matter what position you hold in life at some point customer care comes into play. Customers can be irritated and rude to anyone attempting to take care of them. Many trainers spend a lot of time working with employees on ways to overcome the challenges of the customer. Having spent my entire life with customer care experience and coaching sessions today I want to share some conclusions I have learned. I’ve experienced people taking care of me that obviously hate their position in life and don’t care who knows it. Not that long ago a person taking care of me actually rolled their eyes because I didn’t understand what they were saying immediately. I thought I said clearly I wanted a six-inch toasted sub on wheat bread. Because I did not understand her response quickly enough to please her she rolled her eyes making me feel uncomfortable for spending money there. She might later have shared her displeasure with the other employees about the customer who didn’t respond quickly enough. Those who spend time around me know whenever someone asks how I am doing my normal response is incredible! It’s my choice to overlook the challenges that I face and focus in on the reality that the vast majority of my life is full of things going well. I’m a numbers guy so 85% of my life is flat out incredible. The other 15% I admit to you is challenging. The point is my focus is always going to be on the 85% that’s going well. Never be the person that would roll their eyes in front of a customer illustrating displeasure. Do you want to be successful and have a quality of life that is fantastic? You have to be amazing! You have to be totally focused on customer care and what their needs are in every stage of their visit to your establishment. You have to totally forget what’s in it for you and unselfishly provide the customer’s need. They have to witness your sincere desire to take care of them and see you going far above their expectation before the visit. That’s when amazing happens! Your job satisfaction, as well as your revenue, climbs without limits. That’s when you start enjoying your position and watching the customers respond in a positive fashion on a consistent basis. Be amazing! It costs you nothing and brings great rewards.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting