Becoming Your Best

If I took a survey of individuals and ask them if they were the best they could possibly be, most would answer yes. If I asked the same individuals a second question, are you perfect? Most would answer certainly not.  When we accept these principles we understand the importance of always trying to improve or become our best.

Always Learn
Read industry magazine articles as though you were mining for gold. I have found that even articles where I don’t agree on everything provide golden nuggets of information I find important. My two personal favorites are Automotive News and Fixed Ops Magazine. I admit a particular bias to Fixed Ops Mag as I do write articles for that publication. It’s also a good practice to listen to motivational CDs as you travel to or from work. Read inspirational books as a way to relax and challenge yourself to find additional ways to grow as an individual.

Don’t Work For Money
I know there are some of you right now that are thinking that’s all I work for! My point is that money shouldn’t be the primary focus of your involvement in the company. Never allow yourself to say that when the company increases my income I will increase my work. A real professional understands that exceeding the requirements of your position should be a standard practice. Those who take a positive approach into their daily work ethic will always get a raise at the company they are at or be offered opportunities at different companies. The individuals with the highest self-esteem and worth realize the great joy in helping others. This includes your customers and coworkers. When you help others without any expectation of an immediate return you will receive an inner peace and joy. If you work for money you will always be disheartened than the amount you receive.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint
I could’ve said it’s a journey not a destination and made the same point. Don’t drive yourself crazy every day that you haven’t arrived at perfection in becoming your best. Accept that today you have done your best to become your best and rest easy with the effort.

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