Being The Best

Our drive and passion as a company are clear and simple. We constantly ask what we can do to be better for our clients. No matter if it’s onsite coaching for your fixed operations team, Margin Plus warranty submissions to get retail pricing on warranty repairs, or any other fixed operations issues, we are always improving our service to our dealer clients. After 19 years of onsite coaching experience, we have seen so many wonderful ways to make sure your fixed operations perform better.

Recently we went to bat for a dealer getting charged back $250,000 on a warranty audit. I wouldn’t let this dealer stand alone, and our team went to work, after an exhaustive review of over 1,400 warranty repairs being charged back. Challenging the findings on everyone, our team got the manufacturer to reduce the chargeback to $50,000.

Our passion was to help, and we did! If you want a no smoke no mirrors discussion about ways we can assist your service, parts, and body shop departments, we should chat. It’s all we do, and as always, the dealer with the best-fixed operations wins in both good times and bad.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Cell 419-282-1351