Do You Want Success?

If I took the time to ask 1000 people if they wanted success, I have no doubts that far more than 900 would answer absolutely. However, if we listed several things that were requirements of potentially achieving success without any guarantees the results might be substantially less. There are some common threads or requirements of success that are needed to maximize your chances. Today let’s look at a few of these requirements together.

This would eliminate a lot of people right here! I’ve heard it said many times if the dealership paid me more I would put out more effort. But because they are only paying me such a small amount I am not going to GIVE them by best. The success in life understands that whatever they do they’re going to provide the very best effort at all times. They reach for ways to improve and always go far beyond any requirement the company has.

Successful people will have a burning desire to accomplish their tasks every day. Average isn’t in their vocabulary instead they always reach for excellence in everything they do. They’re not afraid to keep score however, realize the largest competition is within themselves to always be their best.

If you don’t have the right attitude your chance of success is slim to none. Everyone has a down day in every town. The successful won’t accept anything but the attitude Zig Ziglar expressed very well “If going hunting for a whale I’ll take tartar sauce”

Have a Plan
You are not going to wake up one day and find out you have been elected president of General Motors. If you don’t have plans for your future develop one! Success is never an accident! Believe me whatever your plan as it will be challenged, have shortfalls, and occasionally made a change of direction in it. Expected and be willing to rise above it to reach your maximum potential.

Success means a lot of different things to everybody. To be the ultimate success is simply to help as many people as I can to improve their performance. It’s a balance that understands family will always be first and success will never be automatic. Let’s give a toast to your future success today! Reaching for it always increases your quality of life.

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