Don’t Waist It

Ray Branch
11/20/47 – 8/7/22


Many have said life is short and recently that hit home for me. My good friend Ray Branch passed away after an extended illness. He was a quality individual full of life, who always made me laugh whenever we interacted. He could also challenge my thoughts and we would often have debates about hours per customer pay repair order or sales per repair order being the best measure, or any topic about fixed operations. His vision when he founded Keeps Corp from just a thought to an industry leading fixed operations software company was an amazing feat. In his passing he challenged my thoughts again. The one thing we can be certain of is no one gets out alive. We all have issues daily, that must be addressed. Staffing issues, sales, customer satisfaction, and daily tasks just to name a few. With the everyday rush, time flies by and just gets lost. Time with our family and friends gets set aside to accommodate the needs of our job and others. Finding a balance is a must, to achieve a good quality of life. You will never get time back, so my challenge today is that you don’t waste it. Working hard and being creative is important.

Not wasting time is critical.

Rest in peace my friend Ray Branch.

Rob Gehring