Find Your Frogs

Brian Tracy wrote a book titled “Eat That Frog”. In this book he explains if your job is to eat a frog do it first thing in the morning. If it’s to eat two frogs eat the largest one first. If you eat a frog first thing every day no question the rest of your day will get better. I hope no one reading this email has a job to eat frogs. Truth is however if you tackle your issues by identifying them and hitting them first, you will be more productive without question. Car dealerships allow a lot of bad processes. Taking care of service customers should be the highest priority, however in many dealerships it’s the worst at having a consistent process. Impressions are made on customer intake that will determine how many you retain. Are you going to the car with the customer to understand every need? Without that few extra minutes of face time, efficiency will be a challenge along with customer satisfaction. I challenge you to sit in your waiting area and talk to clients. Quality restaurant management strolls though talking with diners seeing if they need anything and how their experience is. Ask what they are having done in a casual conversation. See how many are updated often. How many are checking their watch and having huge sighs. Is the waiting area overloaded in the morning and empty mid-afternoon? We get so caught up in our day-to-day issues we miss our frogs. Shops are dirty, special tools missing or not in order and we wonder why Technicians are in a mood. Repair orders are not written well so Technicians don’t know what is wrong with the car. It’s time to understand that the customer is King and treat her that way. After all, she is the reason we all have jobs. Take up my challenge and develop a passion to improve your processes, by finding your frogs on a daily basis.