Finding Talent in a Competitive Market

It’s Tougher Than Ever

Regardless of the industry you are in, finding the talent you need to fill positions has become increasingly challenging. Shortages of Technicians, Managers, and everything else including Porters, leave very few options.
Many dealerships have reduced their employment standards for applicants, hoping to fill the need quickly. Although I understand the sense of urgency in filling every position, this practice can be very destructive to your team.

Let’s review a few of the best practice ideas we have come across, in today’s employment marketplace.

  • Be forward thinking with your needs in staffing at least two months out. If your growth in the service department is trending higher, will you need additional advisor staff? Will you need additional technicians or equipment? If the answer is yes, the search must begin immediately, months before the actual need.
  • Have discussions with your existing staff often, asking them their viewpoints on staffing needs. Include them in the hiring process as much as possible, getting their input and buy-in on the individuals applying.
  • Offer industry-leading compensation packages AND, (This is important….) be considerate on vacation times they have accrued at their existing job. It is a deterrent to applicants that are interested in your position if they must lose several weeks of paid vacation to switch jobs.
  • Are your employees satisfied with restrooms and lunchrooms?
  • Be sure to support your staff with training programs and state-of-the-art equipment so they don’t become frustrated when performing their daily activities.
  • Your existing staff is a great resource for new staff if they feel appreciated and enjoy the workplace environment. If you don’t value your existing staff, without question you will always have issues keeping them.
  • The staffing levels need to be higher than in the past. Being short of staff on a daily basis will amplify your needs because they won’t stay in that environment. Value your staff and listen to their needs. Care about their challenges, own them and respond with your very best every day!
  • Keeping talent is far easier than finding it.

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