Hard Work…Together

There’s a Nike commercial on television that has such a positive uplifting point it should be a part of every one of our companies themes. It is Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the huddle prior to the game. Every professional sports team has a session similar to this where the spokesperson attempts to fire up the participants towards victory. In this inspiring message Lebron informs the team that the reason they’re doing this is for Cleveland.

Cleveland deserves that we have to bring something special every night. Then he goes into a pregame chant “1-2-3 hard work 4-5-6 together “and they repeat the chant several times before they go into the game and begin play. No matter what business you’re in we could say the same thing that our customers deserve this.
We could say with doing it for them and hit the nail directly on the head. You see your dealership is a professional team and should have the same motivations as Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in this Nike commercial.

Hard Work
One of the failures in leadership I see often is that management allows members of the team to not perform at their best. It could be that the individual has been there for a very long time and management doesn’t feel comfortable approaching their poor performance. Even worse it could be an individual that has just started and is getting no instruction except the negative attitudes from other members of the team.

It has to be that management doesn’t tolerate anything except the ultimate hard work attitude. It’s a fact our customers deserve it and it’s our obligation to provide it. We need to address any weaknesses of our teams with the ultimate goal of providing an incredible experience for our customers. This is how we satisfy and retain our customers for life. This requires hard work! It requires commitment from everyone on your team. Anyone not willing to put out hard work cannot be a part of the team on long term basis and be successful. We can’t compromise this hard work is simply critical for our teams success.

The professional sports team has to function together. The best teams work together like a well-oiled machine. When you watch them play they know where the players will be and how they’ll perform without question.

When one player is in need of assistance another person on the team runs fill the need without any hesitation. We have the same situations in the corporate world as well. If you have a member of your team that won’t reach out and assist remove them.

This may seem coldhearted however again we must understand our obligation is to provide an incredible experience for our customer. Your team must function together at the highest level to produce this result.

I understand many of these choices are not easy with commitment and obligation strong words to use when we talk about members of our team. Without it at best you’ll just be average and struggle. With hard work together your team will prosper and grow beyond your expectations. As for me “1-2-3 Hard Work… 4-5-6 Together” is a core value of our company.

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