I Don’t Want To

It’s easy to say you want to accomplish something and even acknowledge it in front of others. When you start down the path of day-to-day life obstacles should be an expectation that will come your way. The way we think about those obstacles will determine the success or failure of our goal. When a new obstacle arises at first I question if I want to. Recently, I committed to exercising every day and this morning when waking up I just didn’t want to. I started looking for logical reasons for me not to such as being tired or giving my muscles a rest and after all, it’s the holidays, right? The fact is an accomplishment for anyone will be based on the commitment made to overcome obstacles and how well they achieve that. It’s by never listening to the voice inside you creating excuses or accepting the “I don’t want to attitude” that’s so easy to develop. I don’t want to can be closely followed by “I can’t” as an excuse our brain tries to develop that will get in the way of our success. The fact is, I met my exercise goals today using the wording that always overcomes my obstacles. The simple words “I will” is the trump card that overpowers I don’t want to. As we approach the New Year many individuals set resolutions they desire to accomplish, most of these people won’t be successful because they lack the commitment to overcome the excuses their brain will generate. In your dealership, you might want to hire additional technicians and generate more gross profit in fixed operations. You might want to find motivated advisors or managers that will take you to the next level. Last week during a client visit the fixed operations management team and I set a goal to have a net profit in 2018 exceeding $400,000 at their dealership. We are off to a good start because no one said they didn’t want to. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with family and friends. Take some time and consider what you want to accomplish in your life for 2018 and never allow the thought “I don’t want to” to become an obstacle for your accomplishment.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting