Introducing Mr. Day

Introducing Mr. Day
The Bronx New York may not be known for being friendly; however, they likely haven’t met Mr. Day. You see Mr. Day is an incredible man that is employed by Eastchester Chrysler Jeep Dodge in the Bronx of New York City. Mr. Day isn’t the Owner, General Manager, or the Service Manager, yet almost every customer knows him by name. Regardless of the weather, he is the gentleman standing outside the service drive greeting them at the car by shaking their hand and asking what he can do for them today. He’s got a printed list of the appointments and highlights the visitor’s arrival on his sheet. He’s always interested in how the customers are doing and is considered by many to be a part of the family. The customers will inform Mr. Day of family members that are ill and ask if he would take a few minutes to pray for them. He would acknowledge by saying absolutely, and please let them know I’m concerned about them and update me the next time you’re in on how they’re doing. This is not a low volume service department and on a typical day might see 60 vehicles come through the door. I talked with customers that had errors made by the service department during their visit and was told it was okay because they got to shake Mr. Day’s hand and that made them feel special. In all the travels made throughout the United States and thousands of dealerships I have never witnessed anything even close to this. You might be reading this thinking this might be an additional cost to the dealership. The benefits of Mr. Day greeting the customers I consider to be priceless. Maybe your dealership will never have a greeter like this. The challenge every dealership has is to make the attitude of Mr. Day a culture that everyone in the dealership has towards your customers. When you achieve that, the success of your dealership is assured. Thank you Mr. Day your attitude is an inspiration.
Rob Gehring, President
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