It’s Not About the Sales

These days car dealerships are trying to maximize returns from their fixed operations. As our company approaches 21 years of working with car dealerships fix operations today, I thought it wise to look at the core of what makes it work. 

We spend so much time with advisors because they must do it right to get the results we all desire. The most common issue most customers have with service advisors is a lack of communication. Advisors get so busy putting out fires they neglect keeping clients up to date on the status of their vehicle. Many times, advisors focus on selling things to clients to get sales numbers up. They determine in their mind who will say yes or no to repairs or maintenance, leading to lost customers.

Getting to the core of retaining clients and growing sales remains simple. Every time every car, without judgment of any kind successful advisors, explain what the car needs to be safe and reliable. No pressure is required, just inform and educate them on their needs. Pay attention and listen to their concerns. Go to the car and look at their issues in detail with them. Understand looking for a home run repair order is destructive, and you should be putting the customer first. When your team has great processes in place, and they focus their full attention on customer care, you will get your desired results. I say it is simple, however, generally this is not commonplace. Investing in training your staff, and treating every customer like family is the very best practice!

Be safe, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Rob Gehring, President
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