Mississippi manufacturer warranty reimbursement rate

Mississippi manufacturer warranty reimbursement rate:

You heard right! Legislation has passed in the state of Mississippi effective July 1st that will allow you to submit for an increase regarding your current warranty labor rates and parts margins from your current levels, up to full retail!

Mississippi is one of the very last states in the country that has now passed this legislation, which will result in a significant increase in your annualized gross profits.

We have an entire Team at Fixed Performance that specializes in Warranty Reimbursement submissions and we can handle this entire submission process for you from A-Z.


Q- What do I need to do to take advantage of this change in the state law?

  • There are specific guidelines within this new law that need to be followed in order to submit to your manufacturer for an increase in both your warranty labor rate as well as your parts margin.

Q- What is required to do this?

  • 100 sequential RO’s are needed that fall within a 90-day period that meets the specific state guidelines. They must be assembled in a specific manner along with the required forms completed.

Q- Will this trigger an audit or retaliation with my manufacturer?

  • There are many laws that protect against manufacturer retaliation. Some manufacturers interpret the “retail on warranty” law differently but the laws are quite specific regarding undue audits as unlawful. However, while we have never seen this occur, some states do have laws that permit the manufacturer to surcharge new vehicles.

Q- What if I am still concerned about an audit?

  • We offer a service called “Warranty Audit Health Check” that is designed to pinpoint any areas of concern and audit chargeback vulnerability. After engaging with this program, a customized plan for process improvement will be developed and assistance is provided regarding implementation to reduce exposure in this area.

Q- Why would I pay you to do this? Can’t we handle this ourselves?

  • Because we will save you time and money and utilize a sophisticated software program to get you the best possible revenue increase. We can handle your submission quickly and efficiently while you stay focused on running your department. In addition, we constantly stay up to date on the Manufacturer’s guidelines and state laws.

Q- What will this cost, and what kind of ROI can I expect?

  • Unlike our competitors who charge a higher fee as well as a percentage of your increase, we charge a single flat fee of $5995.00 for either the Labor or Parts module, or $11,990.00 for both. If desired, this can be spread over 2 payments, the first upfront, and the second at the time of approval. Our clients enjoy an average ROI of 8X their investment and payoff time is commonly 2 months or less.

Q- I am interested. What should I do next?

Simply click HERE and complete a short information form and we will connect with you to get the process started.

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