Our Guarantee to You

*The vast majority of dealer principals come from a background of sales. When fixed operation employees give an argument, or reason why things must be done their way, the dealer can’t determine what’s fact from fiction. With Fixed Performance as a team member, your professional advice is just a quick phone call away. Easy telephone contact is one of the many things that make Fixed Performance Consulting the right choice for your team.

Other reasons to choose us:

  • Positive attitude change in team members
  • Quick proven results
  • Great follow up with team
  • Team building
  • Custom programs to fit your needs and budget
  • Customer retention and satisfaction improvement

Also If we fail to cover our initial fees within 90 days from gross profit and cost control, we will refund your investment. Call 1-888-205-8718 for details. “This guarantee holds true as long as our processes and procedures are followed!” *This guarantee pertains to our Consulting Services.