​Our Life of Privilege

Our Life of Privilege
today I woke up to an incredible sunrise overlooking Lake Erie. As I watched this beautiful scene it occurred to me, what a privilege it is to wake up to this every morning. Those of you that have read this newsletter for long time know I don’t talk much about myself or about the wonderful experiences I’ve had in my life. Instead the focus is always on what can be shared to improve the reader’s quality-of-life. A life of privilege doesn’t mean it is without challenges that must be faced. I know in my life there was several times where I endured challenges that seemed so great I wondered if Walmart was still hiring people greeters. 
When you question if you are doing is the right thing or you should look for another career, it is at this distinct time you can earn your life of privilege. There was a few times as President of Fixed Performance that it just wasn’t fun. In the great recession when dealerships were falling like flies and they were wondering if they would even be able to purchase a vehicle, my company struggled also. You are forced to decide to add debt to survive or quit. Many in the consulting businesses chose to quit, however, I decided to keep going. This is the privilege I am talking about. Our ability is, we can choose to endure the challenges of the day and keep moving ahead. In this format everyone has a life of privilege. The privilege of choice is always yours. The results of those decisions you make, can develop your future from every challenge. I am confident that my decisions will be both good and bad. Let’s all realize together the privilege of making the choice!
Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
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