Paint Contract Negotiation

Paint Contract Negotiation

Dealerships with body shops all have paint contracts they have to deal with. Most are good for around five years and tie the dealership up with a single vendor for the entire time. Who knows if you are getting a good deal. Is your vendor holding back discounts you don’t even know exist? Fixed Performance is now reviewing dealership paint contracts at no cost! If we feel you can do better hire us to negotiate with your paint vendor and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This month two clients will receive checks of $200,000 from their paint vendor! Evaluation will be free, and if you hire Fixed Performance the fee will be $3,000 to negotiate on your behalf. You have nothing to lose and likely a whole bunch to gain!

What our clients are saying:

So after this great, great deal that Rob worked out for me I went back to Doug and asked “why can’t you do something like this and make me lots of money like Rob did?” and he said “I don’t know. I guess I’m not Rob”. I am still confused why Doug says it is in his contract when he visits to spend both days on the boat fishing when consulting with me? Anyway, the paint deal was so good I can afford to pay Doug to fish on a boat eating Doritos all day when he is here! That’s a good paint deal!

​Gary Baber / Vice President of Fixed Operations
First Team Auto Mal

What we will need:

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