Raising Your Standards

A common thread you’ll find with any individual or company that has achieved success is very high standards. A set of standards that never accepts poor performance as ordinary and is always being evaluated for areas of opportunity for improvement develops a path of success. Raising your standards should be as common as setting objectives for sales growth. Today let’s look at some areas you should constantly be raising your standards in.

The people you have working for or with you are the most important asset company has. You should have very high standards for individuals to be a part of your staff. Investing in their personal well-being includes compensation, training, and making sure they have state-of-the-art working equipment to perform their duties. They should be encouraged often by noticing when they go out of their way with special assistance to a customer or the company. Noticing and appreciating their effort is so rare in today’s environment, yet so appreciated by the team. Make a solid effort every day to assure these things for your people and it will show in your customer satisfaction immediately. It’s an interesting fact if you want your customers cared for it begins with your people.

You need to have very high standards for your facility. One example is cleanliness in your restrooms. Your customers notice if there are no hand towels after they washed their hands or worse yet no soap in the dispenser. A dirty toilet will be remembered far beyond you getting to vehicle repaired as promised. The days of the dealership having a vending machine in a waiting area with 12-month-old magazines have got to be behind us! Impress your customers with quality snacks and a selection of assorted beverages as well. Let it be known to your team that your expectation is that your customers always experience a wonderful facility. Just as a point of interest the standards also include your employee restrooms and break areas. Your people should have the same high standards as your customers. Rest assured they don’t enjoy using the restroom facility when it’s filthy.

Always challenge yourself with ways you can improve. When you develop self-improvement as a practice you’ll have a better quality of life for everyone around you! There are no limits to what an individual can accomplish that is always seeking to improve one’s self.

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