Read the Directions

Many things today require assembly when you buy them and include a package of individual parts such as nuts and bolts. Included in this package is printed information call directions that give step-by-step assembly instructions that should produce the assembled product without much effort. Recently I purchased some outdoor chairs with a table well-placed in the middle of them. The factory did pre-assemble every piece possible and opening the box and witnessing this I became excited considering this would be an easy task. I admit this excitement continued when looking at the directions the assembly would be a breeze. There were many times in my life I didn’t take the time to read the directions until something didn’t fit well or assemble properly. Then I would go back to the directions and disassemble the item putting it back together with frustration and a loss of time. The most valuable lessons in our life are learned from performing a task incorrectly and committing not to do that again. Let me share with you some observations I have learned over many years of reading directions. The first thing is there are many different qualities of directions. Some aren’t written very well and have illustrations that don’t relate to your model. Others have illustrations that are perfect making the project easy and satisfying to complete. Your project could have the best directions written however, if you don’t read them they have no value. This is also very true with our life. I’ve been given direction and guidance to eat the right foods and exercise regularly. These are valuable suggestions that will improve the quality of life for all of us. Yet many times we receive directions like that we don’t read or listen to. We have logical reasons worked out that provide us the excuses for noncompliance. Working with people for the majority of my life I have found many people will pretend to listen to good instructions without ever committing to change. They tell you what is believed you want to hear knowing they will discard the guidance. These individuals will never prosper long term as their close minded attitude keeps the directions inside the box without even being read. They will make the same mistakes often and reduce the quality of their life believing they’ve got it all figured out and don’t need any guidance. Today I challenge all of you to read the directions. To always be seeking advice and guidance on ways to improve. And for any of you that are in leadership be that person to provide the well-illustrated detailed directions that are easy to understand and provide the team with the satisfaction of completing them with ease.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting