Red Velvet Rope Policy


Our individual quality-of-life demands that we enjoy our careers. If we have customers that cause us nothing but grief how do we give them the service that illustrates our commitment to customer care? When I first heard about Michael Port’s red velvet rope policy I admit to you that I was taken back. You see this policy says that if you have customers that you don’t like or appreciate don’t do business with him. Initially I thought maybe two of my clients fell under this rule. In essence these clients were not fun to do business with and I did not look forward to the scheduled visit. 

The first thing that hits you is that it is still revenue and you should tough it out and go through motions like it didn’t bother you. I will tell you today that I have taken up the Michael Port red velvet rope policy in my company about seven years ago and wouldn’t change a thing. Our company will never question one of our consultant team that says this client doesn’t fit our red velvet rope policy. We just won’t go back to the dealership and Fixed Performance isn’t a good fit for that client. This frees us to do an incredible job for our clients and enjoy providing them services. I can imagine everyone that is reading this has several clients that come to mind that don’t fit their individual red velvet rope policy.

Recently a manager witnessed a customer at the dealership verbally assaulting an advisor ridiculing their performance. That manager got involved immediately into the situation first listening to the customer’s point of view complaining about the advisors performance. When it was definitely understood that the advisor is not the problem the customer was asked to find another dealership to do business at. 

I want to tell you the advisor in this situation had to feel incredible when the manager stood up to this customer and demanded that the advisor staff was treated with respect. Believe me I understand the importance of the customer, however I want to challenge you to consider this red velvet rope policy for your dealership. 

There are some customers I believe that would improve your quality of life dramatically, if they did not do business in your store. There are plenty of people out there that we are meant to serve. I challenge you to focus and on those folks and treat them exceptionally. The overall financial results will improve along with your quality of life when you implement your own red velvet rope policy. 
Rob Gehring, President
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