The Life You Want

Few people would hesitate to describe the life they want to live. Today I ask what life you want. You had to think about what you would like to do for work or where you would like to live. You might be waiting for the genie in a magic bottle. Maybe you play the lottery considering what to do when you win. Neither of these is very likely to happen so let’s not spend any more time considering them. The majority of people I’ve met over the years wouldn’t consider taking action to reach for the life they desire. They go through the day to day life feeling trapped in their current position. There are commitments that were made and bills that need to be paid so they become comfortable refusing to accept any risk involved with changing the current situation. Over time this develops low self-esteem and removes quality of life. Never accept the feeling you are trapped in your life. Truth is every day we have a unique opportunity to make a choice for a change in our future. We will never be able to change the past, however the future can be impacted by decisions made today. The life you want will never be obtained automatically. You must reach for it with the determination that will overcome the obstacles you are facing. Live your life in a manner that sees it without limits. You are the director of the orchestra in your life so choose wisely what you want in it. You may alter the plan you’ve chosen because situations will happen that get in the way. Without question your quality of life will always improve when you don’t feel trapped and you take responsibility for being the best person you can be. My greatest joy is helping others prosper in the car dealership world witnessing them becoming more successful than they ever thought possible. Our new program Margin Plus fits very well with the life I have chosen helping improve warranty parts and labor margins. The mission is to help as many dealerships as possible remains the passion of the life I have chosen. Win or lose I will always live the life I want regardless of risk! How about you?

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Fixed Performance complete fixed operations coaching consulting