Time to Run

Many of us have dedicated our lives to the automotive industry at dealerships. Seeing good times and bad times hasn’t been uncommon and they come and go. As you can imagine, I readily admit being a numbers guy and very observant.
In my travels, I am excited to see fixed operations rebounding so quickly. Schedules are picking up, and repair order counts are climbing in service and body shops. Maybe when you read the title of this newsletter, you were thinking negatively about what would be inside the content. It is literally time to run into the future with renewed hope.
Customers are purchasing maintenance if it is recommended and willing to invest in the safety of their cars. Focusing on your processes and margins is more important. Are you using maintenance menus and providing training to your team? Are you adding staff that you need to take care of future growth?  Or did you determine it was time to run and cut everything to the bone to reduce your losses?
A solid truth that still holds today is that you will never cut your way to a profit. We must grow our business by investing in our people, processes and develop long-term plans that are always looking for ways to improve.


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