Two Different Leaders

Today let’s look at two distinctly different leadership styles. The First style is called intimidation, where the manager of the department or dealership believes the best way to motivate somebody is to scare them. They might walk back into a shop with everyone together and yell and scream for 15 minutes, stating that if they don’t get their performance up to all be fired. This type of leadership is unfortunately common in dealerships. 

I personally find the style very destructive and it will lead to high turnover with employees. The employees constantly walk around on eggshells wondering if the boss is going to be in a good mood today. With this kind of situation I have routinely seen this type of leadership lead to poor customer satisfaction. The reality is if your employees are not happy in their position, they tend to treat your customers poorly. These employees are constantly seeking other opportunities and have a poor quality of life. In a marriage this would commonly be called abuse. I don’t think it’s a reach to call it a hostile work environment if the employees are being treated in this manner.

The second kind of leader focuses in on the employees with a legitimate concern for their well-being. They constantly are seeking employees to acknowledge when they go above and beyond the requirements for their job. They sincerely ask how they’re doing or how their family are. They know their dogs name and the concerns of the individual. The customers in those dealerships are treated properly and the customer satisfaction scores are always above the region and zone. These employees are proud of their job and who they work for. 

I find it amazing that very few leaders in the dealership world acknowledge great performance by their staff. I see the largest growth rates and profitability in the dealerships that are led by a management team that wants to motivate and encourage their staff. They value customer care and recognize the importance of the employee’s quality of life. In my viewpoint this is the best leadership style and should be embraced. Be aware of how you treat your staff and focus on ways to uplift and encourage them. 
You will find the secret that your quality of life improves with the right choice on leadership style. 
Rob Gehring, President
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