“What Now?”

Most of us in business today have taken substantial blows from the events over the last several months. It seems we are a punching bag getting hit repeatedly by someone preparing for a title fight. Our company is no different and has taken its share of hits in this environment. The question is how are you going to respond? Most of us have been through tough times before and can look back with pride saying that you survived. Our company has taken this time as a challenge to get better. We have evaluated our processes and improved the programs we offer. We’ve even changed some vendors that will help us grow into the future.

We are planning for growth that we’ve seen the last three years continuing into this year even with the struggles the last several months. Attaining record sales growth year after year has no room for excuses. We make choices every day that affect our outcomes accordingly. It’s time for an honest evaluation of how your company is going to respond. Will you play the victim and develop excuses for failure? Or will you respond to the challenge and develop ways to grow into a future unafraid and willing to adapt to change?

​None of us asked for a challenge, however all of us will choose a response. I suggest we rise up and meet every challenge we have head-on. Except nothing less than our very best every day to look past the issues of the day and develop our future. Don’t ask what now and instead develop your what’s next for growth. 

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