Four Secrets to Build Repair Order Counts

Building repair order counts is often not considered until the time your shop is slow which in my view is too late. In this article we will review four processes you can use in your dealership operations to build your repair order counts not only now but on an ongoing basis. The very first thing […]

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The Surgical Approach

I consider surgeons to be the utmost professionals in our society. The title of surgeon carries with it an immediate respectability. When we’re talking about taking a surgical approach in our dealerships it only makes sense if we desire to reach the respectability of a surgeon. Professional ProcessesCould you imagine if your surgeon met you […]

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The Annual Review

The annual review is a practice that is been around for as long as I can recall with most companies trying to achieve it. Most use this as a way to assure the employee has a strong understanding of their performance throughout the year. Some also use it as the time employees are evaluated for […]

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